Mobile App Development


Over the last decade mobile technologies have radically changed the world. They dominate in various domains of human life such as: healthcare, finance, marketing, telecommunications, security, media and entertainment. Modern mobile apps help us boost productivity, establish innovative communication channels and optimize business processes.
Trembit offers mobile applications development applicable in the following areas:

  • mHealth
  • eCommerce
  • media streaming
  • customer relationship systems
  • staff tracking systems
  • platforms for online conferences, video chats and webinars.

Our mobile app development service embraces both major mobile platforms: Android and iOS (iPhone/iPod/iPad).

What Is Included?

  • mobile platforms application development;
  • mobile version for existing applications, including legacy systems;
  • desktop applications conversion to mobile devices;
  • UI/UX for mobile devices;
  • comprehensive API integration with popular platforms and social networks
  • performance and usability testing;

What Should You Expect?


We create reliable, innovative, up-to-date software in line with latest technical trends and aligned with customer requirements.
Our mobile app development team offers the following advantages:

  • comprehensive business analysis
  • expertise in a wide range of industries;
  • effective management structure;
  • a convenient library of existing code components;
  • quick and cost-effective development cycle;