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Introducing Trembivia,

A white-label interactive game show with a sub-second video streaming latency and scalability to literally millions of users. Trembivia brings truly unique solution for beloved shows, with a variety of games and mods to choose from. Comprehensive web-based console allows producer to run and customize show from head to toes.

Key Features

  • White-label platform including IOS, Android and Web apps
  • Split second delay video streaming system brings truly
    simultaneous experience for each user
  • Highly scalable server infrastructure
  • Authentication via FB, Gmail, SMS
  • Advanced game modes such as Survival, First to reach N points
  • Multiple Language support
  • Comprehensive producer web app grants extensive control over the show

Game Phases

  • Set Prize, customize push notifications
  • Create Questions and Answers for each round
  • Choose login type: social media, SMS or integrate your own SSO
  • Schedule time for show to start
  • Apply visual effects of your choice
  • Keep track on user activity for each question and answer
  • Control the start of each question and show results
  • Activate visual effects on demand
  • Insert commercial between questions
  • Post-game
  • Exhibit today’s game winners
  • Diverse leaderboards per game type, episode and all time best.

What we choose from:

Log in type
Numerous amount
of themes
Different games
and modes



Points based

Guess a melody

Points based

Interactive Casino games

Black jack

Scalability and stability

A truly scalable server infrastructure allows to hold millions of users with a sub-second delay. Partnering with Red5PRO leads to sub-300 ms video latency to complement real-time interactions. Data synchronization with video brings a new level to stats analysis.

Producer web app

Hosting has never been that easy. With a completer all-in-one admin web app, you are welcome to grab a full control of your show.

  • Manage questions for each episode
  • Control visual effects
  • Change login type
  • Review statistics per each game, question.
  • Add push notification message
  • Schedule games for months ahead