Cogmed Working Memory Training is a computer-based solution for improving attention by increasing working memory capacity over a five week training period. Each program is clinically proven to increase working memory capacity.

Through combining cognitive neuroscience with innovative computer game design and Cogmed robotclose professional support, Cogmed can deliver substantial and lasting benefits to its users:

  • Aims to improve attention by increasing working memory capacity
  • An online, coach-supported training program
  • Can be completed in around five weeks in school, home or work environments
  • For children and adults alike
  • Based on solid research.

Cogmed training is an evidence-based, computer training program that can be effectively implemented in schools, private practice or in the health service, to improve one’s working memory capacity to be better equipped to meet daily challenges.

What was the
initial task

There were two
main parts :

The main initial task was to develop the new version of the product Cogmed Version 4.0 all necessary functional information could be found by the following link From the technical point of view at the beginning we’ve been developed new frontend solution and adapted it for IPad and Android applications, reengineer all outdated mental games. The second step was to develop new backend solution. Development and technical implementation of creative Cogmed 4.0 design


Guided by extensive experience in the development of front end solutions, we have developed a completely new version of the software product.We adapt it to the existing backend solution. In order to ensure smooth operation, we reengineer all out of date mental game.Trembit developed a version for ipod and android. And eventually, at the moment we are developing a new version of the backend solution. At the moment, we effectively support the work of Cogmed solution, as well as carry out all necessary bagfixing. On the agenda the development of the new version 5.0 Сogmed (frontends and backends) as well as the adaptation of mental games under version 5.0.

we used

and Native Mobile

HTML5 / JavaScript
PhoneGap / Cordova
C# / XAML (Windows Phone 8 native)

R, Python

Oracle (PL-SQL)
Tomcat, Weblogics, Websphere, JBoss