Pipeline Manager

CRM app for salesforce users
This is CRM for great leaders who need to set a clear course. Pipeline Manager forecasts are NOT a time-consuming (sales-time-wasting) weekly activity. Our clients use our spreadsheet to update 10 opportunities in less than a minute. More time for selling. Adoption is a no-brainer. Users are guided (not playbook-forced) to ask the key questions about what the customer wants.
Your sales processes are transformed into invaluable time and keystroke saving assistants that map out every step of your best practice. Everyone on the team has a better shot at becoming the next top performer.

  • Ultra-fast - because it is outrageously simple and clear
  • Coaches see how each rep is doing the right thing at the right time
  • Efficiency techniques that revolutionize effectiveness
  • Managers become leaders, not administrators. Their expertise becomes scalable across the team.
  • Forecasts with real answers for the C-suite, the Board, Ops, Procurement, etc.

What was the
initial task

There were two
main parts :

  • Manage salesforce data on web and desktop, create tools for fast data access, that could define sales process, visualize opportunities, help with inputting data and planning/forecasting.
  • Loading, sorting and visualization big amount of data (opportunities, contacts, actions etc).
  • Give users ability to create their own custom fields for salesforce entities, and display all of them in the same tables or graphs.
  • Processing big amount of data simultaneously, slow app initialization for big organizations


We have created tool for users tree hierarchy visualization and editing. Created tool for loading custom fields in opportunities list for faster and handy comparing and analyzing.Created Navigator app for desktop without installing pipeline on salesforce account. Moved loading for special views, that require them, increased speed of loading.

we used

and Native Mobile

HTML5 / JavaScript
PhoneGap / Cordova
C# / XAML (Windows Phone 8 native)