PokerJuice is the software used for pot-limit Ohama (PLO) Poker game analysis and simulation. Co-Founders of PokerJuice are Morten Polusen and Nikolaj Borge - professional poker players from Denmark interested in poker theory.

What was the
initial task

There were two
main parts :

The high interest in the online poker games has caused (especially for professional poker player) huge demand of software with powerful analysis tools. In the same time with interactive replayer and possibility to analyze hand histories (hh) from as much as possibly numbers of known poker sites. The task was to create Desktop application (Flex 4) with all necessary functionality and to create parser that should gather all necessary for client information from existing Poker services. One of the major task is also to migrate some functionality from Flex to JS.
PokerJuice Founders needed someone who can supports their website for presentation of PJ software, managing user's subscriptions for e-commerce and building online poker community around their product.


  • Implemented import hand history from all major poker sites
  • Implemented interactive poker hand replayer
  • Created tools for analysis of any game step or different situation and visualization all results in graphs
  • website supports for presentation of PJ software
  • managing user's subscriptions for e-commerce
  • building online poker community around their product.

First problem that we met was possibility to analyze hh from different poker site. Some hh are presented as txt file, some as xml file. And all of them have different grammar. So we had to create convertor that made import from different hh types to one basic for our application type. To solve this problem was implemented text parser.
Website was developed at WordPress platform with installed a lot of additional plugins like bbPress and BuddyPress for community part, WooCommerce and it's addons (WooCommerce Subscriptions, add-ons for Stripe and Scrill payment gateways support) for e-commerce. Website is hosted at and server with back-end application developed at PHP framework Kohana with all games data were hosted at separated server, and their databases weren't synchronized.
During the work on PokerJuice project website were integrated with few services for better marketing and increasing sales (MailChimp, Intercom), simplified book-keeping (IEX). Also were integrated more BuddyPress and bbPress useful community features like subscriptions for updates in topics and groups

we used

and Native Mobile

HTML5 / JavaScript
PhoneGap / Cordova
C# / XAML (Windows Phone 8 native)