Video Streaming applications

We design and develop E-Learning systems, Games, Live auctions, Telehealth, Dating and Online conferencing platforms

Our Works


Shindig is a complete solution for online video chat events.

Its unique technology offers the dynamics of an in-person event at internet scale. Shindig enables a host to give a video conference, lecture, seminar, interview or media event in front of an online audience of thousands. Hosts can share the stage for face-to-face interactions with audience members before the entire gathering or sidebar with participants privately.


Adobe FMS, WebRTC, JS


Learnster is a next generation learning platform.

With mixed learning, combining online and classroom education, you can do everything in one place. All the way from designing a course to distributing, managing, delivering and progress tracking. We are delighted to be a development team for learnster project, and without further ado, invite you to check it out!


Python 3.6, PostgreSQL, Angular 7, Docker, AWS ECS/Lambda/SNS/MediaConvert

Digital Samba

Digital Samba is a specialises in the conceptualisation and realisation of Intranet, Extranet and Internet communication and collaboration solutions.

Whether you need to run a webinar with over 1500 users, host online classroom to reach students, conduct a business meeting or you need a software under white label, Digital Samba is here to help.

Digital Samba

Kurento, WebRTC, JS

Technology Expertise

JS Stack

JavaScript, ES6, AngularJS
TypeScript, Angular2+
Jquery, Backbone
Grunt, Gulp, Webpack
Lodash, D3, Highcharts
NodeJS, Node Red



Custom PHP solutions
Bitrix, Codeigniter, Kohana
Cakephp, PhpUnit


Core Java, Java EE, Spring, Spring Boot
Hibernate, JPA, MySQL, PostgreSQL
GraphQL, Elastic Search
JUnit, Mockito, AssertJ
Maven, Gradle, Docker
Java Play, JSP
Grails, Groovy

Cross-platform and
Native mobile

React Native

Video streaming

Red5Pro, Wowza
TokBox, Kurento
Jitsi [WebRTC, HLS, DASH
RTMP, RTSP, H.264, VP8]

Aaron Castaneda Product Manager of Learnster Learnster Their proactive team gets things done as if it were their own project, consistently delivering high-quality outputs. Trembit’s handy suggestions, adaptability, and customer-oriented approach stand out, but what really differentiates them is their ability to deeply understand business needs.
Whitney Kramer Founder of Meetaway Meetaway Trembit has deep-expertise and experience in WebRTC and tokbox. They know the inner workings of the tech and were able to inherit our semi-functional code and get it to work where multiple prior teams couldn't. It was a tough project and yet they breezed through it. We'd highly recommend them to anyone looking to build video tech.
Gil Meroz Head of Mobile&Analytics at Appsflyer Appsflyer Trembit are developing our Adobe Air SDK for the last 3 years. The team is always responsive and helpful when we have technical support issues from our clients and Trembit always delivers fast when we have new request showing high and professional skill. Thank you for the great service!

Our Industries


Learning is one of the fastest moving sectors to adopt video streaming, since benefits feel limitless. Online classrooms combined with LMS give a chance to digitize all learning process and provide education accessibility worldwide. We build custom learning management system based on your education processes and create an online classroom to hold a lesson with vast functionality: from collaborative whiteboards and questionnaires to lesson recording and storing.

Health Care

Video streaming for hospitals becomes a necessity, since it’s not only helps with initial contact phase, but allows patients to meet a doctor within couple of minutes. Our engineers will help you to build and combine electronic health record (EHR) with communication technologies. This gives easy data accessibility for patients and doctors, reduce time spent for both parties, and create a better healthcare in general.

Communication Platforms

Real-time video communication technologies have evolved drastically for past years, from being a simple travel-avoidance tool into a true productivity tool and stands as a pillar of how modern organizations collaborate and communicate. We take over a full development from streaming server architecture to video chat room itself, enabling low latency streaming, creating custom functionality and encryption to secure data.