“Netflix Hangouts” Google Chrome Extension, what if it is a blackmail application?

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Recently a new Chrome Extension appeared on the market that allows you to slack off at work, by watching Netflix, pretending to have Google Hangout conversation. Its name is Netflix Hangouts, and social media thinks it is cool. And 7,435 users already installed it as of July 15, 2019.

"Netflix Hangouts" Google Chrome Extension, what if it is a blackmail application? 1

Now imagine you have downloaded that extension, watched a couple of your beloved TV series during office hours, it works great! 🙂

What if this application gathers your data, like your Netflix account information, the location where you used it, times when you did that and specific TV series you watched?

How easy would it be then, to find your LinkedIn profile, your boss and colleagues profile and then blackmail you, asking to transfer let’s say $500 to a bitcoin wallet. Otherwise, they will report your coworkers what you did, what you watched and they even can show recording from your webcam during these “office chill out” periods. Will you pay? I bet a lot of will, to stay unharmed.

I believe all my readers are honest workers and won’t even think to use such applications. Stay safe! 🙂


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