Best practices for Telehealth video streaming solutions

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25 Mar
Eugenia Nemkova

 Nowadays there are lots of Telemedicine solutions and apps. Still customer eperience of such solutions becomes one of the most important reasons to choose the most simple and comfortable app for your clinic or online therapy service. In our article we have described list of best practices for Telehealth from different positions of patients, doctors and solution administrators.

Features of Smooth and Comfortable Patience Experience

Before the visit experience

Before the Visit Experience

  • Inviting patients to your branded waiting room.

 It can be done by email or website button. The waiting room influences the patient experience, so it is important that it has a distinctive and pleasant design.

  • Allowing walk-ins and/or scheduled visits.

Due to the availability of two options, the doctor will always have a flow of patients, which will affect his income. And patients who, for some reason, could not sign up for an appointment earlier, will also be able to count on medical care.

  • Checking wait times and seeing who is ready from the patient queue.

With the “Ready for Visit” button, patients can indicate their readiness status and make it easier for the doctor to manage the queue.

  • Customize patient intake forms.

You can use a readymade template or create your online intake form from scratch.

  • Showing a waiting room video.

The patient’s expectation can be mitigated by watching an educational video or reading an article. Moreover, video is an effective, accessible and inexpensive method of conveying information about a healthy lifestyle or about the services provided by the clinic to a wide audience.

  • Collecting online credit card payments.

A convenient system of payment for the services provided by the clinic will improve the patient experience. Medical professionals can get paid instantly, and a regular report will allow them to control their income.

  • Having chat support always at your fingertips.

Even on an advanced and reliable platform, things can go wrong, so having tech support is a must have to keep your work flow going.

During the Visit Experience

During the Visit Experience

  • Seeing patients one on one or in a group.

Modern end-to-end encryption technology allows healthcare providers to securely video chat with patients wherever they are.

  • Adding remote family members, translators and other care team members on the fly.

When there is a need for the presence of a colleague to get another opinion on a problem, or an interpreter to advise a foreigner, the function of adding a new participant during a call is very convenient.

  • Sharing and commenting on images, documents and websites.

Screen sharing allows you to instantly share lab results, CT scans, documents, electronic medical records, and more. And with the live annotation feature, you can annotate them in real time.

  • Sending files by dragging and dropping them to the video.

Sending files in a private message or group chat using HIPAA messenger is safe and fast.

  • Live streaming digital peripherals such as otoscopes and dermatoscopes.

This is a brand new technology that allows you to use your device to stream USB peripheral images (ECG, otoscope, ultrasound, etc.) while you can see patients’ faces.

After the Visit Experience

After the Visit Experience

  • Encouraging patients to plan their own follow-up visits.

Follow-up care usually keeps patients healthy and contributes to positive treatment outcomes. Therefore, a doctor interested in the patient’s well-being will always send an email or text message to remind them of their next appointment. 

  • Auto-confirmations and reminders sent via email and SMS.

When you create an appointment in your calendar for a patient, or when they book an appointment, they may receive automatic confirmation messages. These will be sent at the time of booking and can be sent via email or SMS. In addition, you have the option to be notified if a patient makes a new appointment through the online booking system.

  • Allowing patients to immediately review their visit notes and attachments.

In accordance with the HIPAA Privacy Rule, a patient or their personal representative has the right to view and receive, upon request, copies of information from their medical and other medical records maintained by their healthcare providers.

  • Getting instant feedback with a post-visit survey.

Testimonials from patients attract other clients or point to vulnerabilities that need to be improved. A pop-up window asking patients to take part in a short survey will encourage them to express their opinion about the service.

  • e-Prescription medication

E-prescriptions improve access to prescription drugs and are convenient for patients. They can send an e-prescription to the pharmacy’s email address and order home delivery of medicines.

The Everyday Health Experience

The Everyday Health Experience

Interacting with the patient on a regular basis will help them achieve their health goals. Here are some effective ways:

  • Setting personal health and wellness goals with their care team

Achieving health goals has never been easy. But when a team of professionals is in touch with you, which supports and gives useful tips, it is much easier to do this.

  • Tracking your progress with wellness data, wireless scales, blood pressure cuffs, and more.

AI-enabled tools provide personalized medication reminders and recommend patient check ups based on personal monitoring data. Additionally, patients can transfer biometric data from wearables and remote monitoring devices such as heart rate monitors and blood pressure wristbands.

  • Sharing your food diary, mood chart or other health charts

Keeping an e-diary using ready-made templates and various stickers is very convenient. And so that the medical provider can track progress and give recommendations based on what they see, you can provide access to it.

  • Sending them questions securely or just sharing vacation photos

To establish a trusting relationship with the attending physician, it is very important to be able to communicate at any time, whether it is a business matter or a wish for a good day with a cute photo attached.

Provider Experience

Fast Setup Experience

Fast Setup Experience

  • Instant online practice setup
  • Adding a logo, room description, provider profiles, legal documents
  • Creation or removal of new providers and virtual clinic lounges
  • Enabling or disabling inputs, scheduling, payment and other features

Efficient Workflow Experience

Efficient Workflow Experience

  • Receiving mobile notifications when a patient is ready for an appointment
  • Patient triage in different waiting rooms from a single provider control panel
  • Patient tracking throughout their visit to know exactly which doctor they are seeing at any given moment
  • Coordinate doctors, nurses, and appointment planners with customizable appointment tags like “Ready for Doctor”

Practical Backend Experience

Practical Backend Experience

  • Admin dashboard check
  • Provider and patient schedule management
  • Visit fees settings and invoices generation
  • Call records management


The benefits of telemedicine are obvious to both patients and healthcare providers, including convenience, better quality of service, accessibility, workflow optimization, and time and money savings. But most importantly, Trembit can create a customized telemedicine solution for you to help you achieve your goals and meet your needs. There are no two identical projects, there is an individual approach to each case.

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