How to use Eyeson API to build in video conferencing to the app

10 Feb
Stanislav Zayarsky

Recently we’ve started a productive partnership with Eyeson, a company that created a cloud video API that allows embedding real-time video, voice, data visualization, streaming and recording functionalities into apps and web services.

In our today’s article we decided to show on practice how to set up Eyeson API and build your own application on its base.

Starting with Eyeson API

Trembit CEO, Stanislav Zayarsky is describing how easily you can use the Eyeson API to start your own project and why Eyeson MCU+ is unique.

Stanislav Zayarsky: I’ve decided to contact Eyeson team recently because they provide a prominent video streaming server. It is a real MCU, that combines all the audio and video streaming on the server into one piece.

We haven’t implemented decent MCU before in Trembit projects. We have already tried Intel OWT, but it was quite a challenge to work with it.

Let’s check how Eyeson works, by building a sample application!

Eyeson API

The application demonstrates a very simple interface for Eyeson video meetings and can be used to host or integrate video meetings in any web application.

The setup process is clear and can be done in several steps:

  1. Clone this repository
  2. Create a free trial Eyeson account
  3. Then create your own API key

*You will be asked to enter a Project name – make it long enough, minimum 25 symbols 🙂

Check your email for a Eyeson confirmation email with a link. Procced to Eyeson website and wait several minutes while the key is generating.

*Refresh the page if nothing changes in a minute.

Ok, finally you have a key! Paste it here, in the downloaded file: Eyeson-mcu-demo/src/API/axios.js

Trembit code example for Eyeson

  • Install Node.JS if you don’t have it.

  • Check if you have `yarn` installed, if not you can find installation instructions here.

  • Run `yarn install` and `yarn start` to start the application locally.

Eyeson User Experience

Navigate in your browser to http://localhost:3000 , type some room name and your username to join.

Trembit photo of Eyeson

Now, you are in. Check the link on the top of your screen, it allows to invite guests to join the same room. For the test you can open that link in 2 more tabs and enter the rooms.

Now you have 3 users in a room. 

And that’s when the Magic happens! Eyeson switches to MCU after the 3rd user joins the room and it works very well!

Trembit 3 in room Eyeson

As we know, Eyeson is in active development of a mobile SDK, so soon we will be able to join the same rooms from mobile applications as well.

As an idea for a new blog post, we will try to test the Eyeson server capacity to see how many users it can handle. 

Check our  updates!


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