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29 Oct
Eugenia Nemkova

Video conferencing itself has many advantages. It allows you to resolve business issues quickly, creates comfortable conditions for communication with colleagues, customers and partners, and also allows you to significantly save the company’s money. However, in order for this communication tool to work for you in full force, you should know how to use all its possibilities. Especially if you are planning to develop a conference platform for yourself.

Many already know and use the basic features of streaming conferencing software, such as video recording and instant messaging during a call. Nevertheless, some still do not know or do not fully understand why conference call recording transcription is needed. Indeed, the value of this option may not be seen at first glance. Therefore, below we will consider what major benefits can be gained from using a speech-to-text converter.

12 Benefits of Video Conference Call Transcription

To understand whether it’s worth including a conference call service with transcription in your platform, consider the benefits to those who already use the technology.

Accessibility for Deaf or Hard of Hearing Viewers

According to the World Health Organization, more than 1.5 billion people in the world suffer from various hearing impairments. This means that in the absence of real-time transcription in your conference calls, about one in five people will lose the opportunity to participate in one of the leading forms of business communication and content consumption.

With this figure projected to grow to 2.5 billion people with hearing problems by 2030, the issue of applying solutions to improve the quality of the user experience of a special segment of the population will become increasingly relevant.

Improved Audience Comprehension

Since people perceive information differently, it is better to use all possible types of message delivery. Your audience is likely to be made up of both visuals, who have a more developed visual perception and are better at remembering when reading, and auditory people, who are comfortable listening to information.

Using a combined method of presenting information will improve the focus of the audience and positively affect overall productivity.

Flexible Viewing in Sound-Sensitive Environments

Even if the host of an audio conference uses the best hardware and software to ensure that the online meeting goes perfectly, there is no guarantee that there will be no problems from the participants. The quality of media streaming can be affected by the poor Internet of the participants, which will make the sound choppy. Or they may join the conference in a noisy environment where a lot of distractions can take away important information. In this case, if during an online meeting your audience cannot make out someone’s speech, AI will be able to do it. The transcripts will allow everyone, regardless of where and what device they connected from, to be on the same page.

Quick Finding Required Content

With the consent of the attendees, important online events are usually recorded for reporting purposes and to re-work the important points of the meeting. However, watching an hour-long video of a conference call to find the information needed can seem like a boring and time-consuming task. With a text recording, necessary information or part of the meeting can be found using the keyword, phrase or speaker search function. This is also a great option for those who missed a meeting and don’t have time to watch the entire video or read the entire transcript, but only the topics of interest.

Improved Website Ranking

The higher the SEO ranking of your website, the more visitors it will attract by being at the top of the search results. Search engines like Google track user behavior on websites. If users linger on your company resource longer by reading the transcription, your SEO ranking will increase. In addition, transcription means more keywords on the site, which also has a positive effect on indexing by search engines and bringing in new visitors. This way, more people will get to know about your company. It’s no surprise why adding transcription is included in today’s best SEO strategies.

Increase your ROI

Essentially, profit is the positive effect generated by the previous benefit, namely SEO enhancement by adding transcription to the website. It’s all utterly simplistic and obvious: a higher SEO rank attracts a wider audience, and increases the likelihood of getting new leads.

Overcoming Language Barriers

Today, doing business between countries is easier than ever. Organizations are increasingly hiring professionals from different parts of the world, as modern means of communication allow effective interaction, being at a distance of thousands of kilometers.

Transcripts of meetings paired with an interpreter will make business intercultural and interlingual communication smooth and leave no room for misunderstanding. Modern business transcription tools not only help to reach a larger audience, but also ensure that participants can easily understand the topics discussed at meetings in their non-native language.

False Accusation Protection

This applies more to calls but can also be used in video conferencing. Transcription can serve as proof of what was actually said, not how the listener remembered it.

For example, there are situations when a company was accused of not fulfilling the promises it allegedly made. Clients may claim compensation for missed deadlines or a lower quoted cost.

Transcription done in accordance with local law will help you avoid possible lawsuits, fines or endless negotiations with clients, giving you a good level of legal protection.

Less meetings, more efficiency

Having to attend frequent meetings, even if they are online, can be overwhelming for employees. Different time zones or hot business issues that require immediate resolution can be an obstacle to joining a live video conference. In addition, with a large number of people present at the meeting, if the staff is huge, it is difficult to ensure productive collaboration.

On the other hand, having a post-conference transcript will give you the choice of attending a video conference or at any convenient time to work through the written record of the meeting, leaving your comments, asking questions, or sharing ideas on the topics discussed.

Active participation in meetings

Humans are little-tasking creatures. Therefore, listening to the speakers, trying to understand what they want to convey and at the same time taking notes is not the best idea if we want to achieve maximum efficiency. Not to mention taking an active part in the discussion, which will no longer be possible if we are trying to play the role of a stenographer. Dedicated AI and NLP-enabled conference call transcription software will take care of this task, leaving you free to focus on the discussion. And after the meeting is over, you’ll have accurate conference call recording and transcription available for you to recap important points or fill in gaps.

Increasing Brand Transparency

According to Label Insights research, 94% of respondents will remain loyal if the brand is transparent. For other companies, the transparency and openness of a potential partner is one of the decisive factors in doing business. 

By sharing online meeting transcripts with potential clients or partners, you will give them confidence in your services. And using phone call transcripts with employees, customers, board members, and other stakeholders for debriefing or reporting purposes can increase transparency and credibility for your company.

Repurpose Content

Conducting business conferences with transcription is a good way to collect and analyze information. An accurate and detailed transcript can be used for a variety of purposes: evaluating employee engagement, including some excerpts in infographics or articles for a company blog, archiving data, and more. Compliance officials can check the transcripts to ensure the company’s legitimacy, and senior management can refer to them during the annual debriefing meeting.


Using the speech-to-text transcription option during business conference calls is not just a fashionable feature, but a whole set of opportunities that open up thanks to this. The benefits of transcription include tracking the productivity of both various departments and individual employees, the ability to continue working on the topic of the meeting even after it ends, and protection from legal problems.

By letting a video conferencing app development company take care of providing you with the latest conference call transcription software, you can redirect your efforts to talking about aspects of the business such as sales, product development, and other marketing needs.

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